About me

My name's Christian and I'm living in the south-western part of Germany (the mighty Palatinate Empire! ;-).
I'm interested in many different kinds of Fantasy, Science-Fiction and Games. I'm into collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures for about 10 more than 20 years.
My undertakings are basically regional limited but the internet makes it easy to exchange information and opinions with people from all around the world. And most of the stuff about this hobby is in English anyway, so why not write in English?
With this website I try to keep a log of what I'm doing and what I think is interesting - mainly wargaming oriented of course.

October 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral

Contact me

Best way to contact me is sending directly an e-mail (in English or German) to chrisÄTwitchfindergeneralDÖTde (replace the obviously wrong signs...)

October 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral

Disclaimer & Notes

This website is done without any economic purpose.
All information is provided without any guarantee of correctness or completeness though this website is done in all conscience.
All company, product and service names, logos, brands and trademarks are property of their respective owners. They are used in this website for identification purposes only.

The headline picture is an (slighly edited) photo from an old poster that hangs on the wall of my room. It's from the 1968 movie "Witchfinder General", starring the brilliant Vincent Price - everybody should have seen it!

October 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral


This is a PERSONAL website. It is only here to inform friends and like-minded people.

Privacy is very important to me, so:
This website does not place any 'cookies' on your computer.
Your actions on this site are not tracked in any way. This website does not use tracking-services.
This website does log page request by IP address and timestamp. The collected data is used for generating anonymized statistics (like how often has a certain article been read) and for protection against hacking/cyber-attacks. The logfiles (containing the IP addresses) are deleted after 40 days. No other personal data is collected.
No data is shared with 3rd parties.

And I can't say this enough: This website is not intended for generating any revenue, so:
I'm not paid by any company to write about their products; I'm not provided with free product samples.
There are no ads here; no AdWords, no banners. There are no 'affiliate' links.

October 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral