This is a PERSONAL website. It is only here to inform friends and like-minded people.

Privacy is very important to me, so:
This website does not place any 'cookies' on your computer.
Your actions on this site are not tracked in any way. This website does not use tracking-services.
This website does log page request by IP address and timestamp. The collected data is used for generating anonymized statistics (like how often has a certain article been read) and for protection against hacking/cyber-attacks. The logfiles (containing the IP addresses) are deleted after 40 days. No other personal data is collected.
No data is shared with 3rd parties.

And I can't say this enough: This website is not intended for generating any revenue, so:
I'm not paid by any company to write about their products; I'm not provided with free product samples.
There are no ads here; no AdWords, no banners. There are no 'affiliate' links.

October 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral