Crusader the Ion Age - is coming soon

I don't want to do much "news" stuff in my weblog, there are other sites that do that job better. But today I found something on the web I think that needs to be mentioned.
Crusader the Ion Age is the new game that's coming out soon (and I hope really soon!) from Alternative Armies.
It will be on platoon level and one 28mm mini representing one man.
Their website says it is "depicting the Human Confederacy and their Crusaders, the ancient Khanate Empire and their allies; with more alien races being released as time progresses." - This sounds to me like the basic idea of 40k Rogue Trader!
And now look at some of the figures

Crusader The Ion Age teaser image

Absolutely awesome!!
At least to me. :D
I just love this old figure style, mixing 80's spaceflight outfits with Roman Empire and Steampunk elements.
More infos here when I get them!

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