The Tavern - part 1

Like I promised, here's one of the projects I'm working on.
This will be the final version of my tavern. I'll use it for swashbuckling fights and all scenarios where I need a closed room with lots of space.
I decided when I did a test game that this tavern should be as variable as possible. That means that all interior should be movable. And I don't mean only tables and chairs. Also the bar, the stairs, even the doors should not be fixated!

The wood I used is 6mm plywood, most of it was already cut for me at the DIY store.
38 × 32cm for the base, 38 × 10cm for the long side walls and 30,8 × 10cm for the shorter side walls.
The 2nd floor gangway is 36,8 × 3,5cm and 30,8 × 3,5cm. 3,5cm is a good size, so a 25mm base fits easily on it, even when I put a handrail on the gangway.

This are the parts I needed, all marked for drilling
Tavern WIP frame marked

I drilled some holes for the nails. I just had to put in the nails because the wood was warped and I couldn't have fixated it otherwise.
Tavern WIP frame nailed

The finished and glued frame for the tavern!
Tavern WIP frame glued

Another picture of the small nails I used. This picture is taken from the underside.
Tavern WIP frame nails detail

I feared this would happen! Can you see the figure standing under the gangway? I can't! And if I leave it that way I won't see any decoration I wanted to put on the walls!
Tavern WIP floor figure
But I already found an easy solution, I haven't bought the wood yet, so I can't show you any pictures.

By the way, my deadline for this project is 26th April...

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