En garde Monsieur Hobbit!

Here you can see two of my favourite miniatures at the moment.
Olivia, the female Musketeer, challenging the Halfling Knight.

HobbitKnight vs FemaleMusketeer FRONT

Olivia is from Reaper Miniatures. I glued her directly on a plastic base and to hide the cast-on metal base I sculpted the cobblestone over it.

The Hobbit Knight on his pony is the work of Mark Copplestone from his time at Grenadier Models. It's a one piece model, perfectly sculpted, moulded and cast.

HobbitKnight vs FemaleMusketeer BACK

The Hobbit isn't completely finished, his base needs some grass and I want to do a nice freehand painting on his shield but I need first some more practice (*blush*)...

By the way, this is somewhat a premiere for me. That's the first picture of a miniature I took with artificial light. The red looks a bit too flashyÂ… I hope I can improve my photography skills fast.

Without doubt the Hobbit Knight is going to win. Who else do you think would be an equal opponent?

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