MegaMinis' new Metal Magic

Till the end of August had a big reduced-price sale of their "Mega Miniatures" line. The price of most miniatures was 60 US-cents, so I ordered together with some friends a BIG lot of miniatures (about 100 metals!).
Now, in October the package arrived, ready to be picked up from the customs. Yes, I had to pay additional tax. But the figures were still bloody cheap!

Most of the "Mega Miniatures" are actually re-releases of the old "Metal Magic" line from the German company Hobby Products.
They are all fantasy miniatures. We ordered skeleton- and chaos warriors, orcs, barbarians and different weird stuff.
Of couse I already knew the Metal Magic miniatures and I own a lot of them.
When I first saw the new miniatures I was a bit shocked because there's a lot of flash sticking out. But it isn't that bad, only a few suffer from very strong mould lines. No displacements or other problems a sharp knife couldn't fix.
If you look closely you can see the detail isn't as sharp as it is on the original Metal Magic castings. That's just because white metal doesn't take the detail that well. In return white metal is much harder and doesn't lose detail or gets damaged that fast.
The miniatures were delivered unblistered and without the original Metal Magic base but the slot minis came this useless slot base.

In general they are allright and you hardly can get so many lovely sculpted miniatures for such a low price. As soon as they release the missing miniatures of the range I'll order again.

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October 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral