Fantasy Personalities in a tavern brawl

This weekend I've played a game of And One For All. A fast, easy but very funny "Cinematic Swashbuckling with Miniatures" game that you can download for free from the Eureka Miniatures website.
Everything was much improvisational.

Tavern prototype

We played on my prototype of the Tavern. This dummy was built (from the cardboard of one record shipping box) just to see if the size is right. It was not. The 2nd floor gangway should be even higher. But now I have also a clue where to place the stairs and the doors. A very successful game you could say. On the picture you can also see the interior I built from the same cardboard and sprayed brown. An there are my new real wooden barrels! I like them very much, they're looking good and you can treat them careless without the fear of damaging the painting.

You can see on the in-game picture my new miniatures, too! The bare metal ones. They were actually from my friend. He didn't liked them much but I spontaneously decided I want to start collecting that line. So to get them in trade was the only thing I could do! They're all from Julie Guthrie's Fantasy Personalities.
Here's a picture of them I took later.
Julie Guthries 1st 10
I think I've already some lying around somewhere but I consider these as the first 10 of my new collection. They're all very nice sculpted, with interesting details and full of character. All true 25mm, so they won't mix well with more modern figures. But that's OK. There are enough to use only them. To be exact: 99 figures!

If you can't remember them all, here I've got the two pages from the Grenadier Models catalogue. Besides of the "Fantasy Personalities" single miniatures there was also a line of blister packs with 3 different (but similar, e.g. 3 warriors, 3 elves, ...) figures each, all sculpted by Julie Guthrie. And there was a sequel to that line, made by the same sculptor, with another 50 or 60 individual figures. But I'm not sure if I should start collecting them too.
Julie Guthries Fantasy Personalities from Grenadier Catalog
When I've got collected enough of them I'll start painting them and replace the pictures in the catalogue with pictures of my own figures.

December 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral


The incarnations of the gods finally rose from the deep!

Sota Toys released this wonderful action figures about 8 weeks ago. It was a big hassle to get hold of them, full of delays, strikes, oblivion and confusion.

The "Nightmares of Lovecraft" line has 3 figures at the moment: Cthulhu, Dagon and The Ghoul. Latter one I didn't bought.
The figures come in large display boxes, good for storage.
I think they're sold out from the producer now, till a new production run arrives next year. If these will be better than old run I'd buy them a second time. ;-]

The actual figures aren't looking as good as the prototypes from the in-advance pictures. The Dagon has not the translucent skullcap as it was announced and it doesn't look that scary as I expected. But they're still looking great. I'm very happy to have them. They're just perfect for any Lovecraftian miniature games.
The paintwork is quite good, some parts are even airbrushed (not comparable to that "clix" crap). The only disadvantage is that you can see the mould lines and the lines where they put the parts together.

Here you can see some photos I took. The figures I used for size comparison are from Grenadier, I think most people have some figures from that range.

SOTA Cthulhu 1
Adventurer with stake facing up to Cthulhu

SOTA Cthulhu 2
Even a cross won't help...

SOTA Dagon 1
Holy water agains the one that came from the sea?

SOTA Dagon 2
1 god against 2 weak humans...

SOTA Dagon 3
A glimpse into the eyes of Dagon

November 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral

Something evil's on it's way

Today arrived a couple of books at my home...

foo alt text

...though you maybe can't understand the title you can read the author's nameĀ… and feel the evil ancient aura of the books (some are first run and probably the first German translation ever).

And I got the hint to an online comic story called Return to Arkham.

Too much weird incidents for one single day. Something evil's arriving soon...

November 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral

Leopold - The Demon

I received these today.

Leopold the demon

The one you apparently can see is "a 28mm model of King Leopold II in Congo Free State (later Belgian Congo) Force Publique uniform, making a toast to his troops, sculpted by the Perry Twins! Unpainted metal casting was offered for free to all paying visitors of Crisis 06."
Very special thanks to Denis for sending me this figure!

The other figure I received today is the old Netherlord from Heresy Miniatures. The small "hill" Leopold is standing on is the backside of this demon's torso!

November 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral

40k commission work

I did so much different things the last weeks, I hardly finished anything.
Here you can see some 40k minis I painted for a friend.
They were all painted very quickly.

Space Marines MC CA

The figure to the left was difficult, I had problems holding it while painting because it's so heavy. I don't think I'd paint this monster a second time.
The other figures were done for gaming so I wanted to have a high contrast. Maybe the contrast is a bit too high?

November 2006 by WitchfinderGeneral